Does SPANX accept new product ideas?

We love our customers! And we can tell it’s mutual because a lot of you contact us wanting to share ideas about new products or offer suggestions on how to improve our current SPANX products.

Unfortunately, SPANX's company policy does not allow us to accept or to consider creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans, samples or other materials from outside SPANX (other than those we have specifically requested from particular people). While we truly appreciate your interest in SPANX, both the company and our products, most of the ideas that are new to us and practical for us to consider originate with our inventive founder, Sara Blakely, and our creative product development team. (Check out our website, for the story of how Sara invented the first SPANX footless pantyhose product.) The team is constantly thinking about and researching how to improve our products and new ways we can provide women with comfortable undergarments. In other words, most of the ideas that are submitted to us, we have already extensively thought about! Sometimes the ideas may even duplicate something we're already working on independently at SPANX. And, then again, sometimes the ideas and suggestions simply aren't the right "fit" for SPANX.

We hope that you will understand that one purpose of this policy is to avoid any misunderstandings when projects developed by SPANX’s employees and agents might seem to be similar or identical to ideas submitted by you.

Despite knowing our policy, if you still submit your ideas to SPANX, then, regardless of what your submission says, you agree that:

  • Nothing in your submission is confidential, proprietary, trade secret or otherwise protected by intellectual property.
  • SPANX shall have no obligations concerning the submissions, including but not limited to, no obligation to return any materials or acknowledge receipt of any submissions.
  • You have granted SPANX a license and permission to use, redistribute, or disclose your submissions for any purpose and in any way, without any compensation, acknowledgement or other consideration for you or any third party.

SPANX does, however, welcome your feedback regarding our existing products.  We simply request that you only provide feedback specific to SPANX’s existing products or marketing campaigns, and that you not include any ideas that SPANX’s policy will not permit it to accept or consider.  (Or, if you still submit ideas, those ideas are covered by the policy.). Any feedback you provide to us shall be deemed non-confidential, and SPANX shall be free to use your feedback without limitation.

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