How do I care for my SPANX products?

General Care Recommendations:

  • Always hand wash and line dry for the best results and the longest life. If hand washing isn't an option, put your SPANX in a lingerie bag and wash on the delicate cycle. Hosiery should NOT be washed in a machine. NEVER put SPANX products in the dryer. Bras are best to lay flat to dry.
  • All SPANX should be rotated daily (but especially bras). They will live longer and maintain their like-new shape longer if they're not worn two days in a row. This allows the fabric time to recover its shape after each wear.
  • SPANX products don't have a specified shelf life, and it all depends on how often someone wears it combined with how they care for it.
  • When wearing SPANX products, recommend giving rest to the item for best results. Items expand when worn and need rest to compress again.
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