California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) Individual Rights Request Form

This form may be used for requests to obtain a copy of or permanently delete your information.

What you need to know:

  • Once we receive your request to access or delete your information, we will send you a receipt via email confirming that we have received your request within ten (10) business days.
  • We will fulfill requests containing complete and accurate information within 45 days of receipt or if we cannot fulfill the request within 45 days of receipt, we will notify you via email that the request may take up to 90 days to complete.
  • If sufficient information is not provided, Spanx may not be able to fulfill requests.
  • Requests may be refused in accordance with applicable privacy or other relevant laws or regulations. If we deny a request, we will provide you with an explanation as to why we denied the request.
  • Spanx will need to validate your identity in order to complete any request for access, deletion or data portability.
  • If you are a customer who maintains an online account with us, you may verify your identity via a unique PIN code visible in your account profile. Re-authentication may be required before we complete requests to disclose or delete your personal information.
  • For authorized agents making a request on behalf of another individual, we may require that the individual whose information is being requested provide written authorization for said agent to act on their behalf, or we will require that the individual verify their own identity directly with Spanx.
  • Spanx will inform any relevant third parties that your personal information has been updated, corrected or deleted as necessary.
  • CCPA Individual Rights Request Forms may be emailed to Spanx at [].
  • Only enter the specific information requested, and please do not provide additional personal information in this form.

Spanx, Inc. will use the personal information that you supply on this form (including your email address) and any personal information you may submit in further correspondence for the purposes of processing your request and meeting our legal obligations.

Please follow this link to initiate processing of your request.

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