New Sugarcane Shipping Bags!

Spanx is proud to introduce a brand new sustainable packaging that we are now using to ship select items.  We are now using bags constructed from a brand-new polythene produced from renewable sugarcane ethanol rather than finite fossil-based materials. Chemically identical to regular polyurethane, these new bags can be recycled in the same locations as traditional plastic bags (such as your local grocery store). Additionally, as sugarcane grows it captures and stores CO2 from the atmosphere.


For every pound of this new sugarcane-based polythene we use, 2.85lbs of CO2 is saved.  By using these new sugarcane-based bags, we estimate we are saving over 8 tons of CO2 emissions every year, which is the equivalent of:

  • 197116 miles driven in a car
  • 202296 miles traveled by plane



Where is the sugarcane produced for these bags?

The sugarcane for our bags come from Brazil and is grown far from the Amazon utilizing degraded pasture land, so it does not contribute to deforestation.  

The sugarcane industry provides tremendous benefits for the community in Brazil with 1.2 million direct jobs created.  The sugarcane mills also maintain energy independence by burning sugarcane bagasse.


For more information on sugarcane-based polythene check out this video: :






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