Spanx Mens- Three Levels of Performance


We realized men’s undershirts and underwear needed some work they’re bulky, show through clothes, easily wear out, and can be just plain uncomfortable. We decided men deserved better, so we’ve perfected a new collection with performance features and solutions like breathable sculpting that make getting dressed easier. With a variety of premium, specialty, and comfortable underwear and undershirts (with smart features!), SPANX continues to innovate and make better options for men.


Three New Levels of Performance - Explained:

  1.  Zero Sculpt: Super-comfy and compression-free, these cotton modal styles just let everything breathe.  For fans of the previous "Flex Touch" line.
  2. Sculpt: The perfect mix of comfort and medium compression, it feels good in all the right places.  A perfect replacement for the Cotton Compression collection.
  3. Ultra Sculpt: When you want to look your absolute best, these super-powerful compression styles boost your look, posture, and pecs.  These are game-changers, just like our prior Zoned Performance products.


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